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John Heisler Park
Goshen Jr. Sports
1870 Kirbett Road
Goshen, Ohio 45122
Non Profit Org.

Our Mission :
To provide a place for the children of Goshen School District to play Baseball and Softball

Show your support for Youth Sports

We’re open March through September (7 months)

35 Goshen teams – over 400 boys and girls (ages 4-17)
Visiting teams from Clermont County, Northern Kentucky, Mason, West Chester, Sycamore, Indian Hill, Delhi, etc…
Add parents, grandparents and visiting teams and approximately 15,000 people visit the park

Games start in mid April and continue through the end of July, including the end of season tournaments

The Park provides the facility, umpires, and all equipment for the kids to play except uniforms
Most teams rely on Sponsors to help offset uniform costs
Some teams hang banners during their games listing their sponsors,
while others include their Sponsors name or logo on their uniforms

Advertise At Our Ballpark !            Hang A Sign On Our Fence !

 Teams have scheduled practices two nights a week and play an average of 16 games per season
That’s a lot of hours for people to see your sign
  Hang your sign on our fence (3 x 5 ft. banner or sign) . . . . $200 annually for great exposure

Thanks for your Consideration,
Dwayne Eades
GJS President